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Real Four Wheel Drive

To many people the American Motors Eagle is remembered as a odd little car, some even go so far as to call it ugly! But to a few devoted Eagle pilots, the Eagle is the first of a breed. Car like handling and ride, unibody construction, independent front suspension, full time four wheel drive, and compact size. Sound like a new SUV brochure, well the Eagle had it all twenty-one years ago.

Bad weather was deflated to a more manageable size, snow was easily conquered, and cruddy back roads were beaten back by the Eagle. With seven inches of ground clearence the car could clear obsticals that would make lesser vehicals stranded. The torque happy 4.2 six was at home in rough terrain.

The Eagle was the first mass produced car ever to have full time four wheel drive (the older Subaru 'thing' had only part time four wheel drive). It was considered to be the start of a revolution. Today just about every automaker has a vehical like the Eagle. The BMW X5, Volvo X70, and the Subaru are all simuliar in concept.

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