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Review of my AMC Eagle
1983 Wagon
The basic package

What the car has
- 258 I-6
-Climatic Combustion Control
- Vanity Mirror in Visor
- Cassette AM/FM Radio
- 3 speed Auto with lock-up torque converter and floor shift
- 2.73 axle ratio (Actually I'm not sure)
- Roof Rack
- A/C (Disabled by last owner)

- First Glance -

The Eagle is a rather unoticeable car. It blends in with the other millions of cars out there. The only thing that caught my eye was the high ground clearence. The fit and finish is very good but several design flaws such as not enough sealing and undercoating has rusted the Eagle out.

- On Road -

Handling is average for a car but certainly more stable than a truck (that is why I got an Eagle instead of a Jeep). Suspension is good at smoothing out bumps at higher speeds (over 45mph). Below that be prepared for some bumps expecially from the rear axle. Below 10 mph the suspension is good. A lot of wieght (such as six passengers plus more crap in the back) doesn't seem to slow the car down any. Breaks are okay and are very good on icy and other traction challenged surfaces.

There is quite a bit of axle hop in two wheel drive under fast excelleration. Burn outs can be done but one has to have some skill in doing so. Hills tend to bog the motor down quite a bit. I think a better ignition system would help and removal of the climatic combustion control crap. Performance is okay, nothing spectacular though. Low end tourque is excellent but don't expect much for mid and high end power.

Fuel economy was at its' worst at about 7-8 mpg. The best seemed to be around 26 mpg. But in every day driving expect around 18 mpg. With the rising gas prices driving an Eagle is not cheap.

- Off Road -


The Eagle is a winner for light duty trail running. It makes out through just about any trail around my place. The low end tourque is great for putting around some of the more tricky sections of them. Articulation isn't the best but I have never lifted a wheel yet. The Eagle would real be helped by a locker or the optional Twin-Grip rear axle.


Light fluffy snow is no problem for the Eagle. The car makes it though fields covered with it like it wasn't even there. The hard stuff presents a problem. If the frame bottoms out on it your stuck for good.


The Eagle's street based tires caused it no end of trouble here. While it could make it few the first couple mud bogs the big one was too much for it. The car sunk up to the frame rails and didn't go any where. It took a couple hours and a tractor to get the car unstuck

- Summary -

Cheap reliable transportation. As a on/off road car the Eagle is a real winner. High quality is present as well and the car is very solidly built.


Performance and other Specs

0-60: 16 seconds
Maxium Velocity: 90 mph
Gas milage: City 16, Highway 20, stomping on it 7 mpg