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The Transmission

For the longest time I thought the Eagle had a 4 speed automatic. It would shift at 15 mph then again at 25 and finally what I thought was fourth gear at 45 mph. What it really was is the Lock Up in the torque converter. It doesn't do much for performance, it actually reduces it, and doesn't seem to help gas milage any. It also gets rather hot after getting stuck. A tranny cooler is a must.

The Engine

My 4.2 has a problem with accelerating. The rpms do not build up at a constant rate. Instead they build up, go down slightly, and then up again. I believe this is due to the computer controlled distributer and carb. Also the car sputters alot in 1st gear over 3000 grand. I suspect the distributor is at fault here too.

Axle Wrap

The six cylinder Eagles with select-drive seem to have a problem with Axle wrap. The Tourque of the six twist the rear axle which in turn wears out U-Joints. I think traction bars would definately help